Who's Skin Are You In?

In recent years, many trends involve plenty of fur coats, leather skirts and handbags. When I furthered my research into the ethics of making these fashion pieces, I found plenty of criticisms from animal rights activists, making claims that this promotes unethical treatment of animals in the fashion industry.

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Alanna FaireyComment
The Purpose of a Vegan, Organic and Ethical Brand Philosophy

The upcoming collection of intimates, Hopeless Romantic, is organic, vegan and ethical, while ensuring all the sexy and confident feels. The main goal is to alter the perception that consumers have about sustainability.

The goal of Eco friendly clothing or sustainable fashion is to create a system which can support the human impact on the environment and encourage consumer responsibility. Designing for change is of course a bit of a challenge, but totally worth it!

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What The Women's March Taught Me About Anger

As hundreds of thousands of women and men are marching across North America this weekend, to commemorate the first anniversary of the Women’s March last year, I have been reflecting on how attending the march in Washington had changed me in a professional and personal way.

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