The Purpose of a Vegan, Organic and Ethical Brand Philosophy

    The upcoming collection of intimates, Hopeless Romantic, is once again organic, vegan and ethical, while ensuring all the sexy and confident feels. My Elenoula's main goal is to alter the perception that consumers have about sustainability. 

SS18- Organic & Vegan Lingerie- My Elenoula Intimates

    We need to change the misconception around cruelty and chemical-free clothing, like the fact that it doesn’t last, or textures of fabrics are incomparable. Eco friendly clothing can last much longer and be a key part of your wardrobe. As for fabric textures, if chemicals are cut from any textile production, the result is only pure, soft and positively incomparable! You’re investing in change and leaving a positive impact globally.

    The goal of Eco friendly clothing or sustainable fashion is to create a system which can support the human impact on the environment and encourage consumer responsibility. Designing for change is of course a bit of a challenge, but totally worth it!

     The term vegan fashion simply states that a garment is cruelty-free. No animal by-products or testing! This includes cancelling out; leather/suede, fur, feathers, wool and silk. We can honestly survive all seasons without them!

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    Did you know, that it takes about 500,000 boiled silk worms in their cocoons to create a pound of raw silk? Other animal by-product fashion materials, such as leather and fur are other obvious products of murder. But, what’s the environmental impact of all these vegan textile replacements?

    Most advertised “vegan” fashions are using man-made textiles. Unfortunately, many chemicals are used in the process to create faux leathers, fur, polyester and acrylic textiles. Don’t be fooled by a t-shirt that says 100% cotton either! Cotton textiles, which are not labelled as organic, are created with extremely poisonous chemicals that damage the environment of the countries that produce it. The lifespan is usually 1/3 of an organic cotton garment!

   We as society, should be more consumer conscious around the source of production and how these corporations treat their workers. Unfortunately, the impact on the environment is lost in the strife. How ethical can organic productions be?

   Let’s get one thing straight. Just because something is labelled organic, doesn’t mean an innocent life wasn’t affected in the process. Organic productions, mean slower productions. An increase in the cost to produce the garments is going to involve an increase in consumer price. Do you know who makes your clothes? Companies are always trying to increase their profits. In order to do so they need to cut costs where they can. Be mindful of where your garments or textiles are produced. There is a global certification for everything if you are unsure. Look out for organic and fair trade certification. This ensures the chemical and cruelty-free production consumers need to be conscious about!

   It sounds like there’s no way around all these negative impacts. If one thing is good, then maybe there’s something else wrong with the process. On a positive note, most companies who abide by the cruelty/chemical-free brand philosophy, ensure they are making things right for you and others involved.

   With a mission to source organic, cruelty-free and fair trade textiles, My Elenoula Intimates, vows to make this a one shop stop, for all your sexy, sustainable, and ethical needs. The garments are handmade locally, in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Our textiles are made with love, not chemicals, which are carefully sourced from certified fair trade and organic manufacturers!

SS18 Hopeless Romantic- My Elenoula Intimates

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Hopeless Romantic

Co-written by: Olivia Burwell & Eleni Kapetaneas